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Upgrade your Windows

Are your PVC Windows Old? Do they need an upgrade? For more efficient windows and to stop heat loss from your home contact Coyne Glass & Glazing to change your Old Double Glazed Windows to New A-Rated Windows

Coyne Glass & Glazing is a SILVAGLAZE authorized dealer. SILVAGLAZE units have high insulation qualities as they use a glass with silver based low emissivity coating. They also have excellent light transmission, this allows for the suns natural energy and light to flow into your house.

Coyne Glass & Glazing
Coyne Glass & Glazing

SILVAGLAZE is available in double and triple glazed window options. The combination of the use of low-iron extra clear glass, silver based low emissivity coating, argon gas filled cavity and warm edge technology, allowing you to achieve U-Values as low as 0.6W/Km2.

How do I upgrade my existing windows?

If you are interested in upgrading your windows, you can do this by changing your glass to SILVAGLAZE. This is ideal for those whose existing window frames are of a high standard but was glazed with a less efficient glass. This allows you to improve your windows at minimal cost.

What does this mean to you?

SILVAGLAZE windows have the best combinations of high thermal insulation, which means a low U-Value along with a G-Value that is not too high. These windows also have excellent light transmission.

These advantages can help reduce the cost of your energy bills and can create a comfortable living/working space for you

Coyne Glass & Glazing

For more information on our SILVAGLAZE range please contact us today on (056) 780 7301

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